4 Star Hotels in Kathmandu

Hotel Himalaya

Price: USD to USD

It is an excellent site for mountain viewing from within the city. Just 8 Kms from the airport and 2 Km from city center in close proximity to business and tourists places. It is only a 15 minutes walking distance from ancient Patan Durbar Square.

Hotel Vaishali

Price: USD to USD

Nestled in the Himalaya, sandwiched between the two giants India and china, is Nepal - home to two of the world's great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. It's exotic reputation comes from it's incomparable blend of high mountains and rich culture.

The Malla Hotel

Price: USD 50 to USD 300

Located on the northern edge of the Thamel neighborhood (and almost across the street from the Royal Palace), the Malla is noteworthy primarily for its pleasant garden and convenient location. The shops and crowded streets of Thamel are only a 5-minute walk away, but the garden (complete with a miniature Buddhist shrine) offers a tranquil escape from the chaos beyond the garden wall.

Hotel Vaishali

Price: USD to USD

It's exotic reputation comes from it's incomparable blend of high mountains and rich culture. Rolling hills, broad valleys and lush jungles are crowed by the frozen peaks of the central Himalayan range, including eight of the ten highest mountains on earth. Vaishali one of the grandeur colossal hotels of Kathmandu, snuggled in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

Hotel dynasty Plazza - Woodlands

Price: USD 50 to USD 220

Hotel provide high quality service while you enjoy our delicious Continential,Indian & Chinese cuisine an Executive lunch or dinner d'affaire in Nyatapola ambiance of total comfort.

Shanker Hotel

Price: USD 45 to USD 130

Hotel Shanker is a palace; a palace built at the turn of the century by a Rana Maharaja with a penchant for French architecture, international cuisine and Eastern hospitality. It was converted into a hotel in 1964. The facade and traditions were kept intact but the interior was redesigned to give travellers the kind of comfort they'd expect of a world-class hotel.