Pashupati festival concludes

The three-day Pashupati Festival organized to promote religious tourism in the Pashupati area concluded on October 19.

The festival, however, failed to draw expected number of visitors because of the lack of poor preparation and efficient management. The organizers were expecting some four lakhs visitors in the Pashupati area during the festival. However, only some two lakhs visitors visited the festival.

Apart from religious sermons of sadhus, there was nothing worth significant in the festival. The festival failed to showcase traditional Jhakis and Jatras.

“The festival failed to draw sufficient number of visitors because it might not be the appropriate time for the festival,” officials of Pashupati Area Development Trust, one of the organizers of the event said, adding that they could not display rare and valuable things like conch, one-faced Rudraksha, Gahu Lochan, Sarpa Mani, Bhyaguta Mani and Nara Mani because of weak security.

The festival began on October 18 coinciding with the local Bacchleshwori Festival.

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