Dudhpokhari Festival from August 11

With the objective of promoting Dudhpokhari Region as a fascinating tourist destination, Annapurna Rural Tourism Development Committee (ARTDC) is organizing 11-day long 4th Dudhpokhari Festival in Dudhpokhari of Lamjung district.

Situated at the altitude of 5300m from sea-level, Dudhpokhari lies in tripartite boundary of Lamjung, Kaski and Manang district. The sacred lake is important in religious, tourism and environmental point of view. The lake wear festival look during the Janai Poornima festival as people from neighboring villages of all the three districts gather in the sacred lake to please their deities. The area is rich in bio-diversity as it is home to different species of flora and fauna.

The festival will see cultural performance of people of neighboring villages. Likewise, the competition on running, Chhelo (throwing stone), archery, tug of war, and Dohori songs will be organized. The fights between bulls and sheep will be the other attraction of the festival.

At a time when trekking routes in the Annapurna Region are shortening because of the advent of roads, the festival aims to develop and promote trekking route to Dudhpokhari as an alternative. Likewise, the festival also aims to promote Dudhpokhari and Namun Bhanjyang for tourism promotion.

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