Tourist arrival decreases marginally

The tourist arrival by air has increased by 3 percent till July this year compared to the same period last year. However, the arrival figures of July, 2008 compared to the same month last year has decreased by 19 percent to 21,203.

The arrival figures released by Immigration Office, Tribhuwan International Airport shows 198,366 visitors have landed in Nepal until July.

Asian countries Singapore and Malaysia maintained the positive trend with 13 percent growth in the each market. The other countries with positive growth are Pakistan (53 percent) and Sri Lanka (18 percent).

India, which is the largest tourist generating market, registered a decline of 24 percent last month. Similarly other major markets such as USA, Japan, and UK also witnessed decrease by 15 percent, 12 percent and 2 percent respectively. Furthermore, China, South Korea, and Thailand also recorded negative growth.

European arrivals also suffered a significant decline in the visitor arrivals from major generating markets such as Italy (44 percent), France (32 percent), Germany (39 percent) and Spain (25 percent). Only Austria (35 percent) and Norway (66 percent) maintained the incremental trend in the arrival figures.

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