Kodari (Nepal Tibet Border)

Kodari lies on the Nepal-China border. Besides being a place of stunning natural beauty, it has an exotic history going back to ancient times as the starting point of the trans- Himalayan caravan route, the Nepalese equivalent of silk road. Merchants bound for Lhasa would head north from Kodari and cross the Kuti pass before turning east to begin the perilous journey over the Tibetan plateau. This border village is still an important trading center between Tibet and Nepal. The 144 km Arniko Highway connecting Kathmandu with Kodari passes through magnificent river gorges and splendid mountain scenery. Three kilometers short of Kodari is the famous hot water spring called Tatopani, meaning hot water. People come here from all over Nepal to bathe in the hot water for its therapeutic value.

Kodari is just 4-5 hours drive away from Kathmnadu. There are regular bus services available. Shared taxis ply between Tatopani and Kodari.

Accommodation is availble at a few lodges along the the road.