Hank and Ryan Schmitz, USA, 2008-09-18

Beijing, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and New Delhi on September 2008
My son, Ryan, and I had a wonderful two week trip this September (2008) through the Himalayas (Beijing, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, New Delhi) organized by Nepal Tours Destination. We were met at each of the five airports by our local guide who showed us the highlights of each destination yet provided flexibility in the schedule to accommodate our particular interests. Lin in Beijing and Babu in Kathmandu were excellent guides. The six Hotels met the four Star standard promised... except for Bhutan which were clearly at only a three star level.
We would recommend Nepal Tours Destinations to anyone interested in visiting this part of the world !

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China (Hank and Ryan Schmitz)
Potala Durbar (Tibet, Lhasa)
Front of Potala Durbar (Tibet, Lhasa)
Hindu Pilgrim in Nepal
With Hindu Pilgrim in Nepal

Hank and Ryan Schmitz

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