Kathryn, Canada, 2009-12-12

October is a great time to visit Nepal. Even though most people are rushing off to the Everest Base Camp, there are still a large number of tourists in and around Kathmandu. The infrastructure in Kathmandu does not support the current population of over 5 million, but it is still an an exciting city. There is much to see, even looking out the car window. And being stopped in traffic is a great time to get candid photos of the ordinary people on the streets. Having a driver was a necessity and my driver was excellent. I could totally relax and watch the city as we drove through different areas. Things went wrong, but alternate arrangements were quickly made so I was able to see what I wanted to see.  The most important asset is flexibility. 
When something was not possible to do as planned, there were other things to do and Friendship Nepal Tours was able to make alternate arrangements quickly. Visiting the Chitwan Park is an essential part of the Nepal experience. Although it is possible to fly in to the area, driving provides an excellent view of how the people live outside Kathmandu.


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