Avril & Chris Johnson, UK, 2007-05-10

Tibet - Lhasa - Ganden - Samye Tour --- May 2007
We used Friendship Nepal to coordinate our recent trip to Tibet, while Friendship Nepal planned the trip, their associated company Friendship Tibet implemented the plan. We had a private guide and our schedule was tailored to our meet our needs. We took the train from Beijing to Lhasa, where we toured for several days. We then trekked for several days, complete with yaks and a cook. We were very happy with our trip and impressed with the travel agents. 

Firstly, we were told by several travel agents that securing tickets on the Beijing-Lhasa train was impossible. Friendship Nepal was able to secure 1st class tickets on the train and had the tickets delivered to our hotel in Beijing. We were very happy with this!

Our guide met us at the train station and was professional at all times. His local knowledge was excellent and we enjoyed our time in Lhasa. Thanks to over a meter of snow, our trekking did not exactly go as planned, but the travel agency and guide made alternative plans which were appreciated. 

Based on our experience, we would recommend using this travel company and we will use them again for future trips.
Pictures from Avril & Chris Johnson

Avril & Chris Johnson

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