Sandrine and Carol, UK, 2007-05-20

Tibet Overland Tours with Everest Base Camp (April/May 2007)

We had a fantastic trip and I keep remenbering all we have done. Thank you for the organisation which was great. Gruide in Nepal, Guinesh was really good, we learnt a lot and his french is perfect.

The guide in Tibet, Gyatso, was good and very good knowledge on the religious part.

All you need, is to update the driving time in Tibet. Due to the road construction, some driving time are now shorter then idicate on the itinerary. We had have to redone the itinerary some day. Otherwise we will have arrived in some town to early with nothing to do. Also at the Everest camp, 2 nights is too much if you are not doing a trek there. But definitely stop of 1 night expecially if you have blue sky and sun the next morning as we did. The landscape is amazing.

In Nepal, Chitwan was really good and I am glad we did it especially at the end of the tour as it very quiet and we could rest a little after the tiring trip in Tibet. 2 nights will have been better and includ to the itienerary. The Resort was exellent and the guide there was very welcome and nice.

The walk in Nagarkot is superb and Baktapur not to miss. We really like this town, it is quieter then Kathmandu and perfect for the shopping. You can easily spend 1 day there.

Drive all a long was really good.
London W6 9RS
Tibet Overland Tours with Everest Base Camp
(April/May 2007)

Sandrine and Carol

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