Avis, USA, 2008-06-20

All of our time in Nepal and Tibet was great. We had a wonderful time. The transportation and drivers were fine, and, Lidong, our guide was the BEST. We loved him. He explained everything to us and showed us so much more than expected. There are so many good things to say about him. He was great! As for the hotels, we fully knew what to expect in advance so there was no problem there.

Our only problem happened when we left China. We took the train from Lhasa to Shanghai. We knew that we had to leave Shanghai the same day BUT we were never told that it was expected that we leave on the same flight. So my flight was scheduled to leave at 1225 and Debra's at 1740. We were going to different places after Shanghai........................Well this was a huge probelm with the group visa because you are only allowed to pass through immigration two hours before your flight so it was impossible for us to pass through at the same time. This caused us a big mess (which was eventually resolved). PLEASE inform your clients that it is expected that they leave on the same FLIGHT or on flights that depart within about a hour of one another.....not just on the same day.

Beat Regards,


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