How about Guides, Vehicle and Drivers?

In the all countries we use local government-registered tour guides have great knowledge of culture, architecture, history, people etc.  The guides always make your tour more interesting and meaningful. If you have any questions or problems, they will come to help at once. If any changes take place in your itinerary due to unexpected reasons, alternative choices will be given by your guide to make sure you have a wonderful trip.

When a change in your itinerary is needed due to unexpected reasons, your private tour guides will be more than accommodating in suggesting alternatives to ensure that you have a wonderful experience.

All the vehicles are equipped with the hand-picked adept drivers who have long years’ driving experience. With good nature and moral integrity, the drivers are also ready to help your when you need. Moreover, you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility to stop on the way for sightseeing or photography.

We provide different types of vehicles, depending upon the travelers group size and their requirement. 

Drivers and Guides are different person. All guides are trained by government to work as Guide. so we use local expert guides who are fluent in English. if you need special language (other than English) guide need to ask in advance because there is not enough guide in other languages. In all arrival places in Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal Local guides or representative will be waiting with your name card.